More info on 2021 Lung Run

This year, for the second edition of the Lung Run, we are going fully virtual. Join our Strava event and run (or walk) 20.30k on the 6th of November 2021.

Pick your favourite course and invite your work colleagues, friends and family members to join you. The more people participate, the greater impact we will have. 

We are extremely happy to see so many people committed to clean air. Please follow the instructions here and let’s make a difference together!

Make sure to stay with us, join The Lung Run club’s community on Strava 
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Although the start and finish of the race will be in the village of Novaci, the race numbers will be available for pick up in Bitola (several kilometres from Novaci) and this is where the recommended accommodation is too.

Please note that there will be organised transportation between Bitola and the location of the race.

• Getting here

Bitola is located about 180 kilometers from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. There are several ways to get to Bitola.

It is recommended that international participants transport through Skopje before travelling to Bitola. This does not necessarily apply for participants that are travelling to Bitola from Greece or Albania, but mind that there are limited options to reach Bitola from other cities.

After reaching Skopje, you can get to Bitola using bus or train.

There are several daily train commutes from Skopje to Bitola: at 6:42, 14:30 17:10 and 20:12 local time.

There are also regular bus lines between Skopje and Bitola that can be seen on the websites of the Skopje bus station and the Bitola bus station.

If you decide to travel by car, you can get to Bitola from Skopje in about two hours. Take the motorway E-75 (to Thessaloniki) and near Gradsko turn on the road А1 towards Prilep, Bitola and Ohrid. When you reach Prilep, take road A3 to Bitola. On the way there are three tolls that cost MKD 40, MKD 60 and MKD 80.

• Contact

For more information please contact the race organisers on

• Race facilities