What is The Lung Run?

We are running…out...of...time...

The Lung run, a virtual running event set for 20.30 kilometres, will coincide with the 2021 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP 26) to tell decision-makers that we are sick of inaction. We must phase out coal use by 2030 to avert climate emergency and to ensure breathable air for future generations. 

Why to join?

Since 2016, we have been collecting data to prove that coal-related air pollution impacts people’s health. 

From 2018 the Western Balkans coal power plants have caused 19 000 deaths, 12 000 of which were due to the breaches in the legal air pollution limits. Unlimited amounts of pollution spread uncontrollably through the continent, crossing borders and harming people. The EU imports dirty electricity from Western Balkans, without asking any questions. The “business as usual” attitude must stop now. 

We urge decision-makers to take action aimed at saving lives and the environment. We can live without coal, but we definitely cannot live without clean air. 

Learn more about the CEE Bankwatch Network’s work: complyorclose.org  and join the Lung Run community now.

Please follow the instructions here and let’s make a difference together!

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