What is The Lung Run?

In the Balkans air pollution is making us sick.

Each year 3 900 people die and 8 000 cases of bronchitis in children and other chronic illnesses are reported. The culprit is emissions from coal power plants. 16 plants in the Western Balkans emit as much sulphur dioxide and dust pollution as the entire fleet of coal plants in the European Union.

Locals breathe this air pollution everyday, but the seriousness of the problem is not well known because no official information is produced or reported. Governments do not regularly monitor pollution levels, and in cases where monitoring is done, little to no information is made available to the public.

The Lung Run will make air pollution impossible to ignore

A handful of runners will be fitted with personal air pollution exposure sensors. These devices gather information about air-borne particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and nitrous oxides caused by exhaust gas.

The device and its app provide real-time exposure data that will be mapped during the run and extrapolated to visual what the daily impacts are on people who live in the immediate proximity of the mine.

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