Run for clean air. Step by step for a just transition.

What is The Lung Run?

The Lung Run is a thematic running race designed to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution caused by coal power plants. It carries a strong social and environmental message and it also has a charitable component.  

Moving away from polluting practices and industries takes time and requires commitment and coordinated efforts from the entire community. This is why this year’s event will include many local stakeholders. 

It will provide an opportunity to include and support the local running community and local businesses during its preparation and duration. It will also give local sustainable businesses a space to promote themselves and their products. 

For the more adventurous participants, it will also offer tourist and sightseeing options, boosting and promoting local tourism. 

By involving local residents, businesses and authorities, the race aims to highlight the options for sustainable development and by supporting them, to help the region’s transition into a region with a clean environment and thriving local community. 

Why join?

Since 2016, we have independently monitored air quality in coal dependent regions and advocated for consistent monitoring, transparency of data, and implementation of measures that bring pollution levels down. 

Still, coal power plants in the Western Balkans are emitting five times as much sulphur dioxide and 1.8 times as much dust as allowed, for the fourth year in a row. The town of Ugljevik is sadly home to the region’s highest sulphur dioxide (SO2) emitter, despite having equipment that’s supposed to reduce sulphur emissions installed in 2020. SO2 emissions can travel thousands of kilometres. It is toxic to humans when inhaled and can cause severe irritation to the nose and throat. 

We are in urgent need of a Plan B! Cutting energy waste and developing sustainable forms of renewable energy is the way forward, but we also need to cut pollution and save lives in the meantime!  

Learn more about the CEE Bankwatch Network’s work: here and join the Lung Run community now.

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