Run for clean air. Step by step for a just transition.

Run for clean air - step by step for a just transition

The 2022 Lung Run is a trail running race designed to raise awareness in communities in the Western Balkans about the need to move away from polluting practices and industries.

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This year, we are running 10 kilometres in Ugljevik, Bosnia and Herzegovina to support the local community’s efforts towards a clean and sustainable future. Join a movement of runners committed to cleaner air and safer trails for our communities.

The 2022 Lung Run, a running event set for 10 kilometres, will take place in the town of Ugljevik, Bosnia and Herzegovina where the local community needs help to jump-start the just transition process in order to provide a cleaner environment and better quality of life. Every step we will run in Ugljevik will bring us a step closer to a sustainable future for the next generations.

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